Register for Cochrane BMX Season


How To Get Started!


Thank you for choosing Cochrane BMX! Please watch our facebook page for all upcoming club and season opening announcements.

If you not sure if Cochrane BMX is the right club for you, pedal on down to our track and come check us out first. We are always looking for new riders to give BMX a try!

We have a free loaner program full of equipment you can borrow.

Check out What is BMX racing and frequently asked questions in our BMX parent guide.

Our track location is posted in the contact us tab.


All riders can now register for Cochrane BMX and registration is on-going throughout the season.

A current ABA license must be purchased before completing the registration process  A current license is required before participating in Cochrane BMX.

  1. Get a License:
    • Visit the  Alberta Bicylce Association (ABA) website  You must at least have a General Membership (non-racing license) to participate.
    • A license is valid from January to December of the year you purchased it.
  2. Buy a Membership:
  3. Review volunteer agreement:
    • Cochrane BMX asks that it's members agree to 15 volunteer hours( per family) with a $200 volunteer post dated check that will be shredded once hours are fulfilled (otherwise you can pay $200 to waive the volunteer commitment).
    • A volunteer agreement is below for review but the agreement is completed through our registration process.
    • Please submit a post-dated cheque to the registration office on your first race day of the season. The volunteer agreement check must be received by June 1, 2018 or club access will be put on hold. 
    •  2018 volunteer FAQ
  4. Get the Gear:
    • Want to ride but not ready to buy a bike? Borrow a bike and helmet from our free Bike loaner program available to any Cochrane BMX member. Please note, once a member of Cochrane BMX the expectation is to purchase a bike.
    • To ride our track you will need: a full face helmet, full finger gloves, long sleeves, long pants, and closed toe shoes.  A BMX racing bike is ideal, but not necessary.


"Giving kids a sporting chance"

Please visit Canadian Tire's Jumpstart page for any assistance or help that may be required to ensure every child gets a chance to try any sport!

For more information on registration or racing please email:

Alberta BMX Association License Process:

  • Go to and “Register online for Membership” (tab on left side of page)
  • Sign-in or create your profile.
  • Complete the form – when you get to the CLUB INFO section follow these steps:
  • CLUB STATUS: "I have joined an ABA sanctioned club" – select the "$0" button.
  • Select "COCHRANE BMX" from the dropdown menu to become a member
  • Proceed to MEMBERSHIP TYPE and choose a general or BMX licensing option. The 2017 options are:
    • $85 BMX/Freestyle born 1999-2012
    • $100 BMX/Freestyle born in or before 1998
    • $40 General Membership (non-racing)*

*Choose if only riding the Cochrane BMX track and not competing for district points or to gain official skill levels. 

  • Complete the remainder of the form.  If you are racing (remember, you will need to upload a photo that will appear on your license if you are racing).
  • Process your payment upon completion (VISA or MASTERCARD) and request an email receipt.

RACING AND COACHING | 2018 Coaching & Racing Schedule

Our 2018 Coaching Program will begin Tuesday June 5th and will be focused on 5 key competencies that we will be working on over the summer months. The key BMX skills that will help develop your racer are detailed below.   


This exercise is a series of race ready games proven to improve stability, speed, control, and strength on and off the bike. 

 Pumping, manuals and Jumps:

An important aspect of BMX is to get around the track over the obstacles smoothly without losing speed. The team will run through each straight of the track teaching each of the skills to improve speed and help win races!



One of the most important aspects of winning a BMX race, the team will run a series of gate starts throughout the nights to improve and build confidence.


Winning a BMX race is all about getting from the gate to each corner in ahead of the pack. Working up the speed, stability, and endurance to get to that first corner ahead of the pack is crucial. 

 Corner skills:

Corners are another crucial aspect of racing; sometimes corners can be intimidating our goal is to build confidence and speed through each 180-degree turn.


The times for BMX practices will be as followed:

5:30 p.m. – 6:20 p.m. = All 5 and 6 Novice M/F riders along with 7 and 8 Novice first year BMX M/F riders

6:30 p.m. – 7:20 p.m. = All remaining Novice riders aged 7-13 (For ages 7 and 8 second year BMX)

7:30 p.m. – 8: 20 p.m. = All intermediate and expert riders

These are only starting groups at current and the possibility of your racer moving up or down the groups may happen throughout the year to ensure they are in the appropriate grouping and skill level.

Please show up a few minutes early and have your rider ready for the start of practice and please remind your riders that no one is on the track till the coaches give the thumbs up. 
As the coaching gets underway, we will send out a calendar with whatteh coaches will be working on over the course of a month. 
If you have not signed your child up for coaching but are still interested, please talk to one of the board members or please show up in the appropriate group on coaching nights and bring payment with you. If you have any other questions, you can talk with any one of our rider development experts and of course I am always available to help out and answer anything as well.



Cochrane BMX District Racing / Monday and Wednesday 7 pm

Please note that all district racing run the entire racing season but are subject to weather/track conditions. Join the Cochrane Facebook page for your most up-to-the-minute schedule information.

Watch track status updates on race day on Facebook.

Racing is for anyone that has an ABA license and a club membership. Weather permitting, races happen on Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-8:30.  Open track precedes all races from 6-7 pm.

Racers will be divided into age, gender and ability class.

Register for Cochrane district races:

  1. Race day registrations can be made at the track from 6:00pm – 6:30pm, or via text (587-586-0707) each race day. Sorry, late registrations will not be accepted – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Check the riders list when it is posted at 6:30 to ensure you rider is registered and all racer information is correct.  You have 5 minutes to let the ladies in the moto shed know if you find any errors.
  3. Sign up for a race position so the evenings races can run!
  4. Check the motos once they are posted and get your rider to staging for racing!

Your Alberta Bicycle Association license also licenses you with the Canadian Cycling Association. This license allows you to race at any CCA BMX facility in Canada and also gives your rider insurance, which is required to ride and compete at every track. Your membership also includes all COCHRANE BMX district races, special club events, access to our equipment loaner program and access to register in our coaching program.

There are opportunities to race at many different levels and competitions. Following is a list of the different racing series that a rider may enter.

  • District Racing: These are the races at your own club and are generally held twice a week.  These races are included at no cost with your Cochrane BMX membership. You may also participate at any other Alberta club’s district races.
  • Provincial Series Racing: The series takes place on tracks throughout Alberta.   There are usually 8 races and one Grand Final Race. Racers must compete in at least 4 events plus the final to qualify for the year-end awards. Racers that qualify for a year-end award will be awarded a Provincial Ranking # and a Provincial “P” number plate. The Provincial Series is a series open to all with a Canadian Cycling Association license but only Alberta residents may qualify for year-end awards. Entrance fees and travelling expenses are the responsibility of the racer. Any and all Cochrane BMX members are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Canadian National Championships: This is a one day age group race that can be held at any track in Canada . It is the highest ranking plate that a Canadian rider can be awarded (except for a World Championship Plate). The Canadian National Championship is an open race, all licensed Canadian riders may participate. Entrance fees and travelling expenses are the responsibility of the racer. Any and all Cochrane BMX members are welcome and encouraged to participate.