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Join the 2017 Season!

Interested in joining the Cochrane BMX Association for the 2017 BMX Season? Cochrane BMX Association registration fees are $80.00 for the 2017 Season plus an optional $60 fee for coaching.

Please note that all riders are required to have a 2017 Alberta Bicycle License Application in addition to the club fees along with sending in a volunteer bond cheque with membership for $200 per family or fulfill the volunteer hours. (20 hours)

Volunteer Bond FAQ

  • Why is there a volunteer bond?

The volunteer bond has been introduced to encourage Cochrane BMX members to get involved in the club. It requires many hands to run a successful race night and with the recent growth of the club, we need to ensure that we balance the increased demands against our philosophy of making BMX fun and affordable.

  • Who decided to have a volunteer bond?

The Cochrane BMX Association Board voted on the introduction of the volunteer bond?

  • How much is the volunteer bond?

The volunteer bond is $200 per family.

  • How many hours do I need to put in?

A minimum of 20 hours is required but the board will encourage all families to continue past the requirement.

  • I unfortunately don't have time to volunteer, do I have to?

No, you can opt out of the volunteer bond and pay the $200 fee but please remember Cochrane BMX is 100% volunteer run and we need everyone's help for a successful season.

  • What roles are available?

There are numerous volunteer opportunity/roles available throughout the BMX season. Many are these are simple and don't require any special training or abilities. We will host a parent’s information session at the beginning of the season where we will explain all the different volunteer options that will be available.

  • If I do not compete the minimum 20 hours, will my cheque get cashed?


  • If I only compete 15 or 16 hours will you still cash my cheque?

Yes, but if the end of season has come there are still plenty of chances to complete the requirement such as year end clean-up and track tear down work party.

Any other questions, please talk to one the board members.


"Giving kids a sporting chance"

Please visit Canadian Tire's Jumpstart page for any assistance or help that may be required to ensure every child gets a chance to try any sport!

For more information on registration or racing please email:

Alberta BMX Association

Registration for an Alberta BMX Association membership along with the Cochrane BMX registration forms are available online at the link below:


Running Late?

Running late for race nights?
Text us your race registration anytime on race day before 6:00 p.m. (Don't forget you must check in at the registration office before 6:30pm when you arrive at the track)
TEXT us @ 1.587.586.0707