volunteer at Cochrane BMXC

Cochrane BMX is a 100% volunteer run organization.


It's only as GREAT as we can make it!

Simply put, our club could not exist year after year without drawing upon the support and talents of our wonderfully diverse membership. There are no paid positions or hired personnel at Cochrane BMX Racing. Every aspect of the track upkeep and the successful execution of our racing events are 100% organized, managed and done through volunteer efforts.

Volunteer Agreement

A 20 hours volunteer commitment is asked of each of it's families ( not each rider). We ask that a $200 post dated volunteer commitment check is submitted until hours are fulfilled.

COCHRANE BMX offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities for all skill and ability levels. It is a great way to learn about our unique sport and gain a better understanding of BMX racing! We do offer an option to opt out of volunteering.

Help is always needed and encouraged to make race nights and track riding enjoyable for all of our members and kids.  There are many areas you can volunteer, including:

Track flagging, track maintenance, staging, finish line, announcing and work party volunteers.

COCHRANE BMX has a volunteer bond to help encourage COCHRANE BMX Association members to step forward and get involved. It requires many hands to host a successful race season and with the recent growth of the club, we need to ensure that we balance the increased demands against our philosophy of making BMX racing fun and affordable. The bond is $200 per family for 20 hours of volunteer hours throughout the season. A post dated cheque is provided during the registration process and all volunteer hours throughout the season are tracked and reported on. Have a unique skill set that would help the club? Speak to a coach or board member on how we can work with you directly.